5 Fun Activities to Do With the Whole Family

5 Fun Activities to Do With the Whole Family

Irrespective of your family size, whether it is made of one, two, three or even eight family members, there are several fun activities you can do with this family during your free time at home. These activities can be done either; indoors or outdoors, daytime, nighttime or even be done during one of the main four seasons. I’m going to share with you 5  fun activities to do with the whole family.

A. Play hide and seek with your family

It is one of the most lively outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your family. As the facilitator of the game, you should set the rules and guidelines so that the children do not get lost or hurt themselves during the game.
The size of the compound will enable your children to run and explore safely during the game at your home. Hide and seek game is the most enjoyable game when you combine it with indoor sports. In this game, everyone enjoys the atmosphere at your home and anything else that is in it.

B. Gardening with your family

It is one of the outdoor family activities that allow the whole family bond and enjoys together. Gardening becomes fun and interest when you take your children and family to the nearest gardening store. Here, your children will have a chance to choose seeds, ready-made plants and farm equipment that they might use.  Planting seeds with your family will motivate your children and be able to take great care of the plants by watering them frequently, weeding the weeds and also replacing those that wilted.  Here is how to get kids interested in gardening.

C. Play games together with your family

Some of the favorite games you can play with your family include; biking, hiking, family mini-golf, and family skating when you are free. Enjoy bike rides together with your family creates more bonding with your entire family.  Your children will enjoy most if you lead the family followed by the children and your spouse rides from the back.  Furthermore, mini-golf is among the favorite game that screams fun.

D. Have an indoor dance with your family

Introduce your children to dance classes in the house. It is a positive activity for your children that help in physical and artistic development.

E. Enjoy card games with your family

It is a real blast to play card games with your family. In this game, each participating will aim to win most rounds by playing Red Apple cards, each of which has a noun.  The card game can entertain your family in your house irrespective of age.

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The Importance of Family Game Night

The Importance of Family Game Night

There are lots of ways in which you can build family unity one of these ways is through family game night. The importance of family game night can’t be stressed enough it is time to bond together as a family while creating positive memories. Here are some of the reasons that family game night should be part of your weekly routine.

1. It costs little or nothing: Games that the whole family can play are relatively inexpensive. You can grab a deck of cards anywhere for little more than pocket change. Sets of dice are also inexpensive and games like charades or 20 questions are completely free. Even more complicated games like Monopoly you only have to purchase once.

2. There are games for all ages: There are games that you can play with very young children and games that will amuse older children and adults. Nobody needs to miss out on family game night because of their ages. It’s also an opportunity to encourage older kids to help the little ones.

3. Physical disabilities don’t have to be a barrier: Table games or board games don’t require physical skills. Everyone can still join in regardless of physical limitations. You can even take a deck of cards to visit grandma in the hospital.

4. They can be educational as well as entertaining: Some educational games can be boring, but even games like snakes and ladders can help a young child with adding or counting. Solving puzzles and word games are always a chance to learn something new.

5. Games build character: Children, and let’s face it, some adults too need to learn how to lose gracefully. Losing with dignity is every bit as important and winning. Learning that you won’t win every game is an important life lesson and it helps to build character. This is a chance to teach cooperation and that playing the game can be every bit as fun as winning.

6. Gives families the chance to communicate: Game night isn’t just about fun, although that is certainly a big part, it also gives families a chance to talk about their week and what is going on in their lives at the same time. It is a time to share and be together laughing and enjoying time spent together.

Family game nights are great tools for building family bonds and maintaining family cohesion.  You have to set aside the time to spend together each week and build these all important relationships.

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